Exclusive party for the opening of first flagship store in Milan

Testimonials of the evening, Paola Turci and Alena Seredova

Milan, December 5, 2019

Pianegonda, a contemporary design brand belonging to Bros Manifatture Group and symbol of Italian excellence in the world of silver jewellery, inaugurated its first flagship store in Milan on December 3rd, in the prestigious street Via Gesù, heart of the fashion district.
An important and strategic choice, thought with a view to growing, but above all, achieved with the aim of intercepting national and international customers.
The new boutique has two windows on the shopping street, an elegant space where the architects re-created all Brand’s distinguishing features.
Organic shapes interact with essential architectural codes and shades of colors, from octane green to taupe, with a strong appeal to nature by using display elements in polished stone.
Interlacement pendant lights creates an evocative atmosphere enhancing the beauty and the preciousness of the creations.
The flagship store offers a unique experience:  the iconic collections are displayed with a private space dedicated to reception of clients.
Testimonials of the evening, the singer-songwriter Paola Turci and the model and actress Alena Seredova who both hosted the opening of the cocktail party reserved to selected guests and press, assisted by the Michelin-Chef Star Umberto de Martino.
Besides them, were also present the actress Giulia Bevilacqua, the singer Bianca Aztei, the showgirl Justine Mattera and other special guests from the show business who helped make the event even more exclusive and refined.
“2019 was not an easy year for luxury but real brands should continue to be present in the most important cities around the world and Milan is increasingly becoming the reference point not only for fashion but also for the international tourism.” These are the words of Mr. Lanfranco Beleggia, President of Bros Manifatture srl.