Woman ring sizes

Woman ring size table

In the following table you’ll find information about ring sizes with the national standard system reference.

Italian SizeDiameter (CM)Circumference (CM)

Measure a ring you own

One of the fastest way to find out your ring size without mistakes, is by measuring the circumference of a ring you already own. Compare the result with the table above and you’ll be able to choose the exact measure for you. Each model, in fact, is available in different sizes and it’s important to choose the one of the finger on which you’ll wear the ring.

Measure your finger circumference

If you don’t have a Pianegonda ring, you can measure your finger’s circumference with a tailor’s meter string, wrap it around your finger, compare the size with the ones in the table above, then find the diameter and compare it with the ring’s diameter, which will have to be the same.