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Earrings NEXUM

925‰ sterling silver and ruthenium galvanic earrings with 22 colored zircons
Weight 18.87 g

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Weight: 18.87 g

Sizes: H 40 mm

Sizes: 40mm

Finishes: galvanica rutenio

Stones: zircon

Earrings NEXUM


All the Pianegonda jewelry is made of sterling silver, masterfully finished using traditional jewelry techniques and galvanic baths that ensure its appearance will last over time

Earrings NEXUM


Lo zircone è un minerale che presenta una durezza simile a quella del topazio e un indice di rifrazione molto alto. Il suo intenso splendore, la sua grande lucentezza e le sue caratteristiche estetiche gli conferiscono una brillantezza tale da poter essere paragonato al diamante.




Elegant ladies strolling in the shadow of a young Eiffel Tower, memorable universal exhibitions and lots of romanticism—the Belle Epoque is the insipiration of this collection. Sumptous jewelry, featuring metal joining elements, create a texture in Art Nouveau style. For an allure that travels through time.