Ethic code

Ethic Code

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. has decided to demonstrate transparency in its business operations to customers by adopting a Code of Conduct. This Code aims to serve as a quality and assurance document for users who may not have the opportunity to physically interact with the company and its personnel when engaging online. The principles outlined below pertain to the company’s moral and ethical stance, embodying the values chosen by the company as focal points for its management.

Honesty is a fundamental value that must always be considered in the execution of work tasks. The company’s interactions with internal parties, collaborators, partners, and clients are guided by principles and behaviors of integrity, collaboration, loyalty, and mutual respect.

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. is committed to upholding professional behaviors characterized by necessary diligence.

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. ensures accurate communication to collaborators, personnel, and other external entities interacting with the company regarding significant events in its corporate life. Financial data, company communications, and any other information provided by the company to third parties adhere to requirements of truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness. Collaborators entrusted with specific advisory and managerial roles by BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. are required to uphold not only norms, laws, and regulations but also the rigor demanded by their profession and, therefore, to adhere to relevant ethical principles.

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. has allocated considerable effort to ensuring the security and confidentiality of company data, including the implementation of internal control programs for cybersecurity. For legal and documentation aspects, the company conforms to relevant norms in all data processing activities. Information security efforts encompass all categories of data processed, acquired, managed, organized, and retained. Additionally, the company underscores respect for intellectual property rights in this context. Communication and dissemination of information, photos, or documents without proper consent are strictly prohibited. No sensitive information is disclosed. For detailed information on data processing, refer to the “Legal Notes” document. Upon ending their relationship with BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l., individuals are prohibited from copying or retaining documents or other company-owned materials. The definition of “company-owned materials” encompasses improvements, ideas, products, graphic creations, and any other product developed, designed, or marketed through the website or otherwise considered for realization or marketing. Furthermore, the company has structured itself to better manage the information system, optimizing data processing and retrieval times and ensuring traceability.

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. places the individual at the center of its business, whether a client or collaborator. Consequently, all forms of social, racial, gender, and religious discrimination are prohibited. Respect for human dignity is a fundamental value integral to company conduct. The company does not tolerate discrimination or violations of human rights through encouragement of forced labor, child labor, or other forms of abuse. Simultaneously, the company refrains from behaviors or choices that would hinder equal opportunity rights.

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. has always operated within the market while adhering to competition and antitrust regulations, refraining from actions that would be advantageous for the company but against the law. The company has respected commercial agreements set by partners. Consequently, the company prohibits any conduct aimed at hindering fair and honest competition.

In ensuring full transparency, BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. commits to implementing measures to prevent conflict of interest situations. This applies when any stakeholder pursues an interest divergent from the company’s mission or personally benefits from company business opportunities. Every effort is made to avoid discriminatory behaviors and situations that may lead to conflicts of interest, as they are detrimental to both work and the company itself. The company protects and guarantees the confidentiality of common and sensitive personal information of workers, periodically communicating to ensure proper and transparent data treatment.

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. may offer gifts to acquired and new customers (including those referred by others) as part of marketing plans throughout the year.

Customers, like Human Resources, are fundamental assets for the company, and policies for continuous improvement in service quality and professionalism are essential. BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. consistently engages with customers, believing that maintaining an open attitude to receiving feedback and critiques plays a pivotal role in the company’s growth. Constructive feedback, even if negative, is valuable if provided with intent for improvement rather than contradiction. Employees are expected to interact with customers based on respect, civility, kindness, and professionalism. The company strives to make its communication methods with customers clear and understandable through various means such as brochures and event organization. Behaviors by customers aimed at theft, deception, or offense are prohibited.

Relationships with suppliers and business partners are built on the pursuit of fair competitive balance. These relationships are conducted with a spirit of honesty and professional integrity. The company respects policies set by “supplier companies” and maintains open dialogue, even in challenging situations. Just as the company’s conduct toward personnel and customers, collaboration with each supplier or business partner is considered crucial to collectively achieve customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, and delivery time.

Accounting activities adhere to regulations set by our legal system and, in the case of dealings with foreign countries, comply with respective tax laws. Accounting management is assigned to designated individuals with the support of external professionals. Each accounting operation carried out and recorded is accompanied by corresponding supporting documentation, facilitating control, activity traceability, and identifying responsibilities of each operator. Using company funds for illegal or improper purposes is strictly prohibited and severely punished. BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. adheres to anti-money laundering regulations and prevents potentially dangerous or non-compliant operations in fiscal and tax contexts.

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. is a forward-looking company that pursues technological improvement. Consequently, the company is attuned to risks associated with increasing computer use and has introduced protective measures and constant monitoring to ensure work continuity and information integrity.

Within marketing and e-commerce policies, BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. safeguards the rights of minors online, employing controls to prevent unauthorized and reckless purchases.

BROS MANIFATTURE S.r.l. prohibits any unauthorized use of its specific brand, identified as:

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