Bros Manifatture stabile

The Group

Bros Manifatture is an international jewelry group founded in 1979 with headquarters in the Marche region (Italy). The group supports and fosters the development of some of the most original Italian jewelry and watchmaking brands: Pianegonda – silver jewelry with a contemporary design, Rosato – silver creations of refined manufacture, Brosway – steel fashion jewelry and watchmaking, S’Agapo – steel creations dedicated to the world of teenagers, Bros – leather watch straps, Dhiva – jewelry packaging.

Bros Manifatture embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative vision of its founder Lanfranco Beleggia, for whom “by pursuing your dreams you make your own future, giving space to your intuitions and following unparalleled roads”.

The name “Bros” stands for the family bond in sharing common projects and objectives, while the word “Manifatture” refers to the craftsmanship of savoir-faire, an authentic excellence of the territory in which the group operates.

Tradition and innovation coexist within Bros Manifatture. A know-how of over 40 years, combined with a consolidated industrial platform, allows the research and development, the design, the production and the distribution of distinctive brands with a specific aesthetic and different positioning.

Creativity, digitalization and cutting-edge technologies are the elements that allow Bros Group to transform ideas into creations with a unique and original design, dedicated to an unconventional consumer.