Pianegonda loves creative contaminations and supports talent in all its forms.

pianegonda by marcantonio

Beauty lies in diversity and imperfection.

This reflection led to the collaboration with the Italian artist and designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, who created IMPERFECTUM, a capsule collection for Pianegonda.

A new story of design, where a golden thread unites fragments turning them into imperfected beautiful pieces of art, able to encapsulate time. For the creation of IMPERFECTUM, Marcantonio was inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Kintsugi, reinterpreting it in a new concept of contemporary jewelry.

With IMPERFECTUM, Marcantonio explored the Pianegonda aesthetics through his creative vision, designing jewelry pieces that are much more than luxury accessories, but become authentic design objects.

The “art of mending” becomes the main narrative of an artistic approach that turns imperfect elements into a new form of beauty. For beauty also lies in imperfection.


The brand collaborates with Istituto Marangoni Milano – The School Of Design to discover and foster young emerging designers from all over the world.

marangoni aetas

Pianegonda’s aesthetic codes served as creative inspiration for the projects “Harmonic Resonances” and “Precious Harmonies”, which have been developed by the brand with the students.

marangoni 2021
ist marangoni logo

New forms of jewelry as result of the creative vision of the designers of the future, who have interpreted the ethos of the brand without losing their own personal history and artistic sensitivity.

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